Aaron Oclander


Aaron is a Buenos Aires-based artist, born in the province of Cordoba, Argentina, in 1979. He has lived in Escobar, Buenos Aires, most of his life. He studied Fine Arts in the UNA (Instituto Nacional del Arte), and continues to develop his artistic skill by studies as many different fields as possible.

Aaron participated in numerous collective and individual exhibits, such as the Bienal Joven in 2005 in the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Bahia Blanca, and The Wine&Art exhibit in 2019 at the hippodrome of San Isidro and Lunática organized by the Andén 222 foundation, in Buenos Aires. Also, he has participated in a collective exhibit going across multiple venues in Chile, in 2019.

Aaron’s pop style is exceptionally vibrant and full of color, creating a synergy in his composition unique to his style. He is a creative and resourceful artist that uses a variety of materials and textures in his works that puts the last touches on his anthropomorphic and androgenous characters.

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