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Crafters, artists, creators - Puente Art Gallery is the best online store for you. Browse our catalog to discover what we have in stock. Since our founding, our clients have relied on us for our quality and exceptional service. Each year brings improvements to our store, and with it an increased ability to offer our clients even more great products.


Our Story


Our mission is committed to supporting Latin American artists by promoting their art and putting their stories at the heart of our community. We want to help bridge the gap between business and art. Through our online platform, we provide a transparent marketplace that facilitates meaningful connections between each artists and art lovers.

From emerging to established, Puente aims to empower Latin American artists by providing them with the support they need to grow their careers and to develop as art professionals.

There is an art piece for everyone! Find original art you’ll love through our collection of creative artworks. With new pieces continually coming, we are constantly expanding our selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and more.

Our vision and bigger purpose is to give back to the community. We achieve this by collaborating with organizations locally and in Latin America and donate a percentage of our profit on each piece of artwork sold. We believe in the power of community and that together we can contribute to making the world a better place one art piece at the time.

Behind the Scene

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Marcela Torres

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Gallery Director

Marcela is an Argentinean artist, historian, curator, and art advisor based in Canada. She has been involved in the art scene for over fifteen years.