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Espacio F


We are Fabián Scarsella and Emanuel Lucero, photographers, in charge of the photography workshops of Espacio [ f ] Photographs of the City of La Plata, Argentina. Per semester we train more than 400 amateur and professional photographers. Each semester ends with a Collective Exhibition of Photographs of Students and delivery of Diplomas. At the moment we are going for the 37th Exhibition, declared of Cultural Interest by the Municipality of La Plata. We also make Photographic Trips and Trips with our students touring Argentina and different parts of the world such as Egypt and Turkey.


Through photography, we build our own image. We are constantly looking for images containing spaces, forms, and stories. Maybe it's a provocation, a real provocation. An image is not just a memory that represents the past. A memory is a set of past heterogeneities that alter a present. Living indeterminacy, no sustenance. We indelibly build memories. Spontaneous memories, living memories. Images with feelings. We emerge from here and there through them. This place is a SPACE, a place where we reinvent photography day by day through a new vision.

Fabian Scarsella & Emanuel Lucero

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