Josue Arce


Josue Arce Arzola, Peruvian, Systems Engineer from the Universidad Alas Peruanas, Professional in Photography graduated from the Poussin Institute, Makeup Professional from the Yataco Academy Institute. Where he majored in fashion photography, advertising photography, and portrait photography

Josue work alongside fashion designers making photo productions for fashion shows, seasonal presentations, and beauty pageants.

Founder of the agency and school of models Sweet Models Peru, created in 2019. He was part of the professionals of the Yataco Academy institute for artistic events, fashion, and beauty. Josue oversaw the photographic production and the production of Makeup.

His photography artistic aesthetic is focused on reflecting the authenticity of the moment, a visual description, and connecting with the subject matter. Also, applying his fashion photography skills to understand and create symmetry and visual harmony in the composition.


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