Marchu Torres


An art historian, curator, art advisor, independent writer, and artist, Marcela Torres has been involved in art all her life. She holds an undergrad degree in Fine Arts from the University of La Palta, Argentina(2005-2010), and continuing her education doing many courses. As an artist, she participates in many art exhibitions in Argentina, Canada, and the USA. Marcela also curated collective and solo art exhibits in Argentina and Canada. Also,


Marcela's work is based on shapes, color, lines that are simple but complex at the same time. You can find different shapes that sometimes become figures that we recognize easily and some of them they can become whatever you see in them, made with mixed media of acrylic and ink on canvas or on paper.


…Shapeless emotions such as fear, joy, grief, etc., which belonged to this time of effort, will no longer greatly attract the artist. He will endeavor to awake subtler emotions, as yet unnamed. Living himself a complicated and comparatively subtle life, his work will give to those observers capable of feeling them lofty emotions beyond the reach of words…

Wassily Kandinsky, in  Concerning The Spiritual In Art


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