Maria Schiappacasse

 Mariela Schiappacasse is an artist with a specialization in pointillism. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she grew up falling in love with art and went on to become an art teacher. After immigrating to Canada, in 2002, she grew distant from her art practice and it wasn’t until 2015, that she once again picked it up.

She is skilled and knows exactly how many dots she needs to place to get her desired outcome. An expert in color theory and knowing which colors to place in other to trick the viewers' eyes. Her work takes hours to complete but it’s the creative process that brings her the most joy. Day by day she is becoming more proficient in this type of art and nowadays she is being ask to be part of local exhibitions and she also get requests to create specifics pieces of art for private buyers. She is member of the York Region Arts Council as a creator.