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The Other Side of the Tree/ Del Otro Lado del Arbol

Help us raise funds to help this community space for children in the memory of Pilar. Buy one of our wonderful works!

The Other Side of the Tree is a tribute to childhood. This space was created by Paula, Pilar's mom, in April 2011. Pilar was in kindergarten and she loved to read. Pilar and Paula spent hours dreaming of building a library for kids during their long hours in the Child's Clinic in La Plata due to a severe illness that she was fighting. Despite the enormous strength and her tireless battle, Pilar flew towards the sun and the moon on January 12, 2011. In the midst of the pain, Paula, along with family and friends, began to work to shape Pilar's dream. A warehouse was managed in the Saavedra Park, the community was invited to collaborate in many ways, hundreds of hands and thousands of donations were added to form and consolidate the space that we can all enjoy today. On the other side of the tree is a space where you dream and work for happy childhoods and where we believe in the transformation of pain into action. The project is based on three fundamental pillars: HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND CULTURE, always crossed by literature. We propose in these areas the mediation of reading, and the promotion and protection of the Rights of the Child convinced of the importance of books as a tool for expression and effective containment. Today, On the other side of the tree is a social and cultural space made up of a group of people who, accompanied by the solidarity of the community, make up this permanent tribute to childhood that promotes and encourages the daily defense of children's rights and equal access to culture in all its expressions.


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